More Girls with Guns

June 21, 2012 | 0 Comments | Heather's Blog


The Girls with Guns post has been much more popular than I expected! Check out this photo a reader sent in of her beautiful 6’4″ daughter with what John just pointed out to me is an AK-47. In his words:

“You can tell that it’s an AK-47 because of the second tube on the top. The expanding gas that pushes the bullet down the  barrel enters the tube and provides the energy to eject the spent casing and chamber a new round. The large curved  magazine on the bottom is another good clue. The probably-Romanian folding stock is a nice touch.”

Next time I’ll know.

Certainly, this girl in the photo is not someone to be messed with. A little different than the high-heeled “secretary” photo, which I thought was a hoot. Jonni says that her daughter doesn’t wear high heels, but I think she should!
Anyway, this is a great photo—a lot going on. I think the guy’s hand in the background holding the bullet is rather artistic. Thank you, Jonni!

Jonni inspired the Crazy Husband to bring out something from our recent travels—I still maintain that only I end up in gun photos because it makes him happy, and that is why, as I’ve explained to the kids, there’s also a photo of me smoking a cigar—posed only. But in this particular instance, I shot that rifle when John bet me I couldn’t hit the bulls-eye. If he lost, he said I could have his credit card for five minutes—a major miscalculation on his part. You see those Austrian guys in the background—one of them smoking a cigar? They had their doubts as well. Beginners luck, I hit it.


More news: A special agent has written me that she intends to send in something for Girls with Guns. Stay tuned.

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